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Mildenhall Stadium is the home to the Mildenhall Fen Tiger Speedway team which competes in the National League, the home of some of the finest speedway racing in the country and the league where stars of tomorrow are born.

Despite being officially the third division of the sport in this country (behind the Elite and Premier league) many believe the National League is more than capable of as good a quality of racing as the top divisions and this can certainly be the case at Mildenhall which is seen as one of the most action packed tracks in the country.

Each traditional event will see the Fen Tigers square off against another team from around the country and they will do battle in 15 four-lap heats of the Suffolk shaleway in their struggle for the top honours.

Every race pits two riders from each team on bikes which are capable of accelerating faster than a F1 Grand Prix car and these machines have no brakes so it goes without saying that speedway is not for the faint of heart, both for the riders and the fans and for everyone who attends a memorable day of action and entertainment is on the cards.

For everything you need to know about speedway at Mildenhall Stadium visit the official website of the Mildenhall Fen Tigers Speedway team: