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Stadium Facilities

Mildenhall Stadium is one of the best appointed stadiums in region and one of a very small number of stadiums in the UK which boasts stockcar and banger racing, greyhound racing and speedway racing.

As such we have a number of great facilities to ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible.

Half of the stadium's terracing is under cover. In addition to the grand stand on the home straight the entire Fen Men Bar bend is also under cover and the concrete terraced steps offer superb viewing of the whole racing. Additional the back straight and road bend boast grass banks which is ideal for the family on a summer afternoon or evening.

The Fen Men Bar is always popular with visitors at any event offering a range of alcoholic, non alcoholic and hot drinks plus snacks. The bar also has TV screens which regular play sporting events or replays of the event you are attending.

There is a second licensed bar underneath the home straight grandstand.

Mildenhall's fish and chip shop has a superb reputation throughout the country with many believing it offers the best stadium food in the country and it can be found at the end of the concrete and undercover terraced area on the Fen Men Bar bend.

Toilets can be found underneath the Fen Men Bar and additional toilets can be found during stockcar and banger meetings at the road bend end of the grandstand.

Mildenhall has a superb amount of car parking space with two very large car parks for all events.

The Race View Restaurant is always open for greyhound meetings and is very popular. Find out more about the Raceview Restaurant: Raceview Restaurant

While disabled access is limited we have a number of disable visitors who attend all events at Mildenhall and who have been very happy with the facilities available. For more information please e mail us or call the stadium for more information to see if Mildenhall Stadium is suitable for you. We'd be more than happy to help.